Nebula Chroma

Nebula Chroma

Nebula Chroma
Nebula Chroma by Sonia King

The latest project by Sonia King of Mosaic Works, Dallas, is titled Nebula Chroma. This depiction of a giant space cloud is now the focal point of the multi-storey main lobby in the Children’s Medical Center of Dallas. The light-filled, three-storey atrium creates a dynamic setting for Nebula Chroma, King’s 7ft by 17ft masterpiece that was recently awarded first prize in the Design and Detail category at the 2009 Spectrum Awards presented at the Coverings exhibition in Chicago.

King’s Nebula Chroma features a huge variety of materials, including glass tiles from over 10 manufacturers, multiple layers of ceramic tile, agate slices, marble gems, beach glass, art glass, vintage mosaic glass and more. In all, over 200 different kinds of tile from 20 manufacturers were installed with Laticrete installation products on this large-scale mural that represents King’s fifth completed mural wall at the Children’s Medical Center of Dallas. Her first four mosaic walls, also installed with Laticrete products, all won Spectrum Awards.

The mural was installed in sections, first glued to mesh and labelled for placement, and then installed on the curved mural substrate with Laticrete 254 Platinum; a one-step, polymer-fortified, thin-set adhesive.

Nebula Chroma
Nebula Chroma by Sonia King

To grout the award-winning mural, King got ultra-creative with Laticrete 1500 Sanded Grout, creating a design-friendly option of her own that she has dubbed Fresco Grout. To add another layer of interest, King infuses pure pigments of colour by hand into the grout as it is curing, using sponges and water. This hand-coloured treatment of Laticrete 1500 Sanded Grout helps to shift and blend the mural as, according to King “it continually plays a mind game” with its viewer.

 This item first appeared in Tile & Stone Journal, June 2009

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