Defining Dialogue

Dialoghi by Mosaico+

Mosaico+ offers an extensive range of mosaics that are diverse, accessible and ready for use.  The company’s core ethos is to do mosaic differently.  This philosophy guides all design and production processes.

Mosaico+ aims to investigate all the expressive possibilities of mosaic; with particular emphasis on the quality of the materials, new technology and the search for novel applications for mosaic.  The company has worked with internationally renowned designers such as Francesco Lucchese, Giugiaro Design and Carlo Dal Bianco to expand the concept of the mosaic from simply a set of tiles to that of a structured project-focussed decoration for walls and floors.

Dialoghi by Mosaico+

Typical is Dialoghi: a set of solid wood tiles inlaid with stone, metal or glass.  Designed by Francesco Lucchese and inspired by the interaction of materials, the visual impact of these tiles is very powerful.

The collection’s name – Dialoghi – refers to the ‘dialogue’ between the warm colours of wood and stone, and the brightness of glass and metal that gives these tiles a special quality.  The solid wood is dried, stabilised and treated so that it becomes resistant to chemicals and abrasion, and is thus suitable for use in bathrooms even when water is required to run-off walls.

The variety of materials used allows for an almost infinite number of compositions so that customers can create the exact look they desire.

W: www.mosaicopiu.it

This item first appeared in Tile & Stone Journal, February 2014

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