Marvel Gems by Atlas Concorde

Venetian Visions

Marvel Gems by Atlas Concorde
Marvel Gems by Atlas Concorde

Marvel Gems is a range of co-ordinated floor and wall tiles from Atlas Concorde where Venetian Terrazzo is re-interpreted in a modern way. The collection includes ceramic tiles that combine the look of crushed marble with the superb quality of white body and ceramic tiles.  Terrazzo-effect tiles are one of the emerging trends in the ceramic tile sector.  It is always interesting to see how modern designers take a well-established creative option from the past and adapt it to modern taste.  Of all the new directions for ceramic tile, terrazzo looks like it will prove to be a very productive mine of inspiration for years to come.

Marvel Gems by Atlas Concorde
Marvel Gems by Atlas Concorde

Featuring shards and fragments replicating marble, the brilliance of these porcelain and white body tiles reproduces the luminosity of the marble inspiring them. With Venetian Terrazzo marble-effect fragments emerge like gems strewn on a brilliant continuous surface.

The scope of the porcelain surfaces of Marvel Gems reflects the wide range of colours and sizes of the original Venetian floors.  They are available in five colours – cool Grey, warm Pearl, bright ivory Cream, pearly White and intense Black – and in numerous sizes up to 750 by 1,500mm.  The variations in colour within Atlas Concorde’s Marvel Gems collection include various sub-base tonalities and marble-effect fragments, creating elegant combinations.

Marvel Gems by Atlas Concorde
Marvel Gems by Atlas Concorde

These porcelain tiles are highly polished for a mirrored effect, with a full-surface honed finish, to give the glossy look of the traditional material. Hard, compact and scratch-resistant, the surface maintains its beauty over the years, without the need to spend time or money on maintenance.

The collection includes Palladian porcelain tiles, featuring grey granules with shards replicating white Carrara marble, an up-to-date take on exquisite Italian tradition.

The white body tiles co-ordinate with the porcelain floor tiles, and includes warm Pearl, cool Grey, a bright Cream  and pearly White.  To these colours is added an elegant blue, for hints of colour that add a fresh, modern touch to the theme.

The coloured body, rectified, monocaliber, porcelain floor tiles come in 750 by 1,500, 750 by 750, 600 by 600, 450 by 900 and 300 by 600mm modular formats: all with a honed finish.  The colour options are Terrazzo White, Terrazzo Grey, Terrazzo Pearl, Terrazzo Black, Terrazzo Cream, Palladiana Carrara, Terrazzo Mix Warm and Terrazzo Mix Cold.

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