Ceramica Porto Ferreira

Club Country

Ceramica Porto Ferreira
Neowood, Malbec by Ceramica Porto Ferreira

Ceramica Porto Ferreira was one of the star turns at Brazil’s top tile show, Revestir, in 2016.  It seized the opportunity to demonstrate how HD print can bring real personality to interior environments.

Porto Ferreira made a very bold statement by cladding the entire front wall of the company’s stand in 520 by 1,040 Malbec tiles from the Neowood collection.  Rated Pei 3, this rectified porcelain tile offers the warm and welcoming look of a traditional gentleman’s club in a 13-stave design realised in a subtle variety of wood tones. This is a powerful example of the new wave of enhanced timber-effect wall tiles.

By the same company, the Vecchia range seeks the perfection of wood in two different shades: Marrone and Patina. Offered in 170 by 1,040 and 250 by 1,040mm formats, it faithfully reproduces the grain and colour of wood; while providing the strength and easy maintenance of porcelain tiles.

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