Teatro by Refin

Tiling Theatre

Teatro by Refin
Refin’s Teatro: 750 by 750mm Quadro floor tiles and 250 by 1,500mm Foyer 1 wall tiles

At Cersaie 2016 it was noticeable that the wood-effect tiles offered far more drama.  The colours were darker, the distressed looks were more radical, the aged looks were edging towards antique, and the painted effects were more pronounced.

Roll back the clock two years and Cersaie 2014 witnessed a notable precursor of these dramatic new wood-effects in Teatro by Refin.  This striking range offered a prestigious, exclusive feel and communicated the values of Italy’s cultural past and artisanal heritage.

Teatro by Refin
Refin’s Teatro, Foyer 2 design, in 250 by 1,500mm

The design of Teatro was inspired by the Municipal Theatre of Modena and imitates the wood used on the stage and in the foyer; as well as elements of the scenery and the playbills in a series of large listelli, either smooth or with varying degrees of wear and tear, with coffered layouts and sophisticated decorative features.

Teatro by Refin
Refin’s Teatro, Palco 2 design, in 250 by 1,500mm

Teatro was launched in four colours: Foyer 1, Foyer 2 , Palco 1 and Palco 2, in shades ranging from beige to deep brown.  The standard format was a 250 by 1,500mm plank, but the range also featured Teatro Quadro, measuring 750 by 750mm, with a coffered pattern.  Decorative tiles measuring 250 by 1,500mm and 750 by 750mm were also available.


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