Alea's Facetado Copper

Metallic Movement

Alea's Facetado Gold
Alea’s Facetado Gold

Next week I will be blogging from Cevisama, Spain’s ceramic tile showcase.  In the meantime, here’s one of the highlights from the 2016 event; a stunning range from Alea with a geometry that produces subtle visual effects through original detailing, enhanced relief surfaces and an almost imperceptible texture; all made extra special through the use of glistening metallic finishes.

Alea's Facetado White
Alea’s Facetado White

The thin volume accent, which is the key decorative element of the range, is made more powerful by the soft metallic finishes.

Alea's Facetado Black
Alea’s Facetado Black

Alea are utter specialists in metallic finishes on ceramic surfaces, resulting in products that are exclusive and avant-garde …  something very special.

Alea's Facetado Copper
Alea’s Facetado Copper

Alea creates products with great technical and aesthetic value through close co-operation with daring designers and it’s committed exploration of new decorative trends.

Alea's Facetado Silver
Alea’s Facetado Silver

A new post from Joe Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, February 2017.

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