Lea Ceramiche's Naive Slimtech

A Nod to Norguet

Lea Ceramiche's Naive Slimtech
Naive Slimtech, designed by Patrick Norguet for Lea Ceramiche.

Naive Slimtech, the Lea Ceramiche collection designed by Patrick Norguet, received the prestigious Good Design Award for 2016.

The Good Design Award, established in 1950, is one of the most well known international design awards world-wide and is presented annually to the most innovative industrial design projects to be developed over the course of the year.  For 2016 the jury selected 900 new products from over 46 countries around the world, awarding them for their innovation.

Naive Slimtech, Lea Ceramiche.
Naive Slimtech, designed by Patrick Norguet for Lea Ceramiche.

What makes Naive unique is the cutting-edge technology that permitted the creation of a large format slab – 3m by 1m with a thickness of only 5.5mm – characterised by an almost three-dimensional surface texture.

The patterns, reproduced in four colours, establish a bas-relief design; a pattern of lines that emphasises the depth of texture and creates a graphic floating effect that is both pleasing to the touch and visually attractive. Resistant and durable, easy to cut into any shape, it can be installed on walls and on floors in any type of space, both residential and low-traffic commercial.


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