Domiziani's showroom

Destination Deruta

Roberto Domiziani is often credited with inventing the Italian Volcanic Stone Table, as it is known today. He has taken these products to a level of sophistication, elegance and quality that rivals the masterpieces of the Renaissance. Continue reading Destination Deruta

Cool Cubes

Dent Cube, designed by Teruo Yasuda for Inax, is a 3D wall tile range that combine glass and porcelain at different depths. It was inspired by masu: cube-shaped wooden vessels, made without the use of nails, that have been used in Japan for holding sake for over 1300 years. Continue reading Cool Cubes

Castella by Natucer, Cevisama 2012.

Rapid Retrospective

Back in 2012, Spanish tile manufacturers were at the cutting edge of a craft revival; offering ceramic products recreating the aesthetic nuances of time-honoured artisans adapted to the latest manufacturing technologies. Continue reading Rapid Retrospective

Rex Ceramiche's Alabastri di Rex

Awesome Alabaster

Rex’s new Alibastri range explores a design trends that re-interprets 1970’s luxury, which was expressed by adorning the home with highly-valued objects and jewel-like embellishments it as if it were a human body. Continue reading Awesome Alabaster

Plymouth College of Art student Claire Nanelli

Plymouth Potential

British Ceramic Tile has been working with the designers of the future on a 2016 class project. As part of the initiative, BA (hons) Printed Textile Design & Surface Pattern students were invited to test their creativity and work on a class project alongside British Ceramic Tile’s internal design team and the company’s Head of Design, Claire O’Brien. Continue reading Plymouth Potential

Winning Ways With Waterjet

Approximately 15,000 sq. feet of waterjet-cut natural stone was specified for Mohegan Sun’s flooring. The stone variants included Royal Red Onyx, Jerusalem Gold, Emperador Light, St Laurent Brown, Thassos White and Nero Marquina. Continue reading Winning Ways With Waterjet

Mewa range by Warssawa

Folded Façade & Features

Warssawa’s Mewa range features decorative concrete tiles whose shape was inspired by a simple paper puzzle. The surface of each tile collapses creating a subtle play of light and shadow on any tiled wall or façade. Continue reading Folded Façade & Features

Warp by Living Ceramics

Living Ceramics

Living Ceramics is one of the brightest additions to the ceramic tile firmament. Established around three years ago, the company has benefited from being able to integrate the potential of the latest tile manufacturing technologies, and also the modern perception of ceramic tiles, when developing its progressive business ethos. Continue reading Living Ceramics

Luna range by Senio

Shapely Senio

Senio’s new Luna range suits many different styles and combinations: the mix of the available sizes and colours not only facilitates complete wall tiling concepts, but should stimulate home owners or their designers to try original and unexpected compositions. Continue reading Shapely Senio

Kerakoll's Green Lab

Trencadis Torchbearers

Trencadis is on trend right now. With terrazzo also enjoying a period of rebirth and reinvention, it is clear that the creative freedom afforded by irregular mosaic effects, and inclusions of different colours and shapes, is proving irresistible to today’s designers. Continue reading Trencadis Torchbearers

Tahoe Black by Serenissima

Wonderous Wood

Serenissima’s Tahoe range gives living spaces the casual elegance of well-worn, cherished wood flooring. a trendy design offering minimal chic with an historical richness. It comes in five colour options: white, grey, black, brown and gold. Continue reading Wonderous Wood