Tempesta's 1in by 12in Stack designed by Erin Adams

Erin Adams & Tempesta

Tempesta's Hexagon Blend designed by Erin Adams
Tempesta’s Hexagon Blend designed by Erin Adams

One of the great surprises at Coverings was walking onto a stand of achingly beautiful tiles – some stone, some ceramic, some leather – to discover that they were made in India.

Tempesta's 1in by 12in Stack designed by Erin Adams
Tempesta’s 1in by 12in Stack designed by Erin Adams

Tempesta, the manufacturer concerned, has more than 30 years’ experience in the stone industry, and offers exquisite surface finishes on natural stone. These luxury wall surfaces are the product of state-of-the-art technology from Italy, complemented by ageless hand-crafting techniques.

The end product is a range of exquisite decorative stone tiles and beautiful mosaics for the sophisticated and discerning home-owner, architect and interior designer. The simplicity of traditional stone enhanced with the stunning fusion of leather and other superb surface finishes creates easy elegance and timeless appeal.

Tempesta, from Haryana in what was formerly East Punjab, claims to be the first manufacturer in India to utilise pioneering Italian technology to produce such impeccable surface finishes on natural stone tiles.

Tempesta's 2in by 8in Blend designed by Erin Adams.
Tempesta’s 2in by 8in Blend designed by Erin Adams.

At Coverings, the fruits of Tempesta’s collaboration with Erin Adams, one of the most celebrated product designers in the United States, was clear for everyone to see.

Erin’s reputation traces back to Erin Adams Design where, from 1998 to 2010, she was the exclusive creator of six collections for Ann Sacks Tile and Stone. In the 1990s, Erin was commissioned to design the lobby for famed fashion designer Cynthia Steffe. Her work for Steffe included a ground breaking twelve-by-eight-foot mosaic tile rug for Steffe’s showroom.

Erin is widely credited as the first designer to use stained glass as a mosaic medium. Stained glass mosaic is now one of the most successful and financially profitable processes for the stained glass industry.

Erin graduated from University of Texas at Austin and then went on to Pratt School of Art and Design for her master’s degree in ceramics. Since then her work has graced the homes of Cameron Diaz, Jack Black, Burt Bacharach, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, and many other celebrities.

Erin has also worked with other top tile companies including New Ravenna, and Country Floors. Now, she is collaborating with Tempesta to design an exclusive, inspired collection of tiles which represent a seamless fusion of exquisite stone and hand-made ceramics – The Phase 1 Collection.  This exciting collection is offered in a variety of innovative tile formats and in a range of 21 beautiful colours; featuring a stunning amalgam of geometrics and colour blends.



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