Robert Dawson: En Avant

En Avant (detail) by Robert Dawson
En Avant (detail) by Robert Dawson

En Avant is a new series of clay paintings by one of Tile Addict’s favourite artists, Robert Dawson, which draw from the visual language and stylised motifs of Gothic Revival architect A.W.N. Pugin.  Dawson reimagines Pugin’s designs from both the Shrine of St Augustine, Ramsgate, which he constructed to be in keeping with the “true principles of Christian architecture”, and The Grange, Pugin’s family home next door.  Dawson embodies the artisanal spirit of Pugin himself, while revitalising his designs for the twenty-first century.  Pugin’s personal motto en avant, meaning ‘onward’, is the principal idea: onward in time and continuing forward.

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