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Carefully Curated Choice

BluePrint Ceramics
Ceramic tiles by BluePrint Ceramics

For those of you who prefer to unearth their new tiles closer to home, Bologna is not the only place to be this September.  While it may not boast anything like Cersaie‘s range or choice the 100% Design Show, Olympia does have one advantage.  All of the tile exhibits will have been carefully curated, either by the manufacturers themselves or, more usually, by a specialist distributor.

So if you happen to be in London from 20th to 23rd September why not take a trip to Olympia to discover a great range of tiles … and much more?

One of the companies to look out for is BluePrint Ceramics, this year returning to the show for the 4th time.   This family-run tile business was set up in 2010 by Simon and Stephanie Peel (brother and sister) to service the tile specification market in the UK and overseas.   This year at 100% Design, BluePrint say they are planning to showcase some of the most forward thinking, boundary-pushing collections around.  BluePrint have added 10 new range this summer, with designs full of colour and diversity that aim to provoke the mind of the designer.

Kaleidoscope by BluePrint Ceramics
Kaleidoscope by BluePrint Ceramics

Kaleidoscope is a dynamic vibrant range that promotes colour and choice.  The multitude of exciting colours facilitates playful designs and statement features.  There are various formats available, including a bevelled edge option.  These glazed tiles have a rippling sheen that can transform a surface finish into a captivating focal point in any setting.

Antico Pearl by BluePrint Ceramics
Antico Pearl by BluePrint Ceramics

Antico Pearl is a striking range of beautifully glazed tiles.  Each tile varies slightly to offer a  rustic look.  The range offers seven pearlescent colours, as well as two special pieces. The pearly glazed tiles have an iridescent effect so that the perspective changes depending on the viewing angle.  This interesting collection can also create statement areas and a talking point in any given setting.  The range also offers decorative pieces in four impressive patterns.

Flair by BluePrint Ceramics
Flair by BluePrint Ceramics

The Flair collection recreates the traditional look of classic Venetian Terrazzo; very much on trend.   It maintains a traditional format of 200 by 200mm.  The range comes in four colours and a choice of 12 patterns.  There are two finishes available – matt and semi polished – which allows for internal and external use.  The demand for terrazzo-style floors is growing, and the the many options in this range make it the perfect choice for designers and architects.

Rococo by BluePrint Ceramics
Rococo by BluePrint Ceramics

Finally, the Rococo collection is elaborate, arty and uses the concept of symmetry and pattern to create detailed ornate patterns.  The Rococo range oozes elegance and luxury with a vast amount of options. The base colours are neutral, but the patterns are extremely elaborate.  This collaboration works perfectly and the colour palette allows for seamless installation across various settings.  Rococo comes in 200 by 200mm and offers a diversity that is a designer’s dream.

A new post by Joe Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, July 2017.

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  1. Now I see why you were especially interested in my poem about the tile layers! I hope you’ve been to Pueblo, Mexico. You would go crazy. Incredible tiles. Also, have a look at my blog about the Tile house in Ajijic..and interesting story. Especially if you follow the comments by the woman who is the daughter of the man who constructed the tile house over a number of years. His backstory is interesting as well. You should easily find it via a search. If you can’t, I’ll send an URL.

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