Cobogó Brise by Rosa Pinc for Nina Martinelli

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Esagonale by Nina Martinelli
Esagonale by Nina Martinelli

One of the delights of Expo Revestir, which takes place in Sao Paolo, Brazil from 13th to 16th March, is that it features exciting producers that do not participate in Cersaie, Cevisama and Coverings. As a regular visitor to Revestir, I have a mental shortlist of these must-see Brazilian companies who offer something a little bit unusual, featuring cobogos, textures, 3D forms and native inspirations that are subtly different from the mainstream European producers.

Near the top of that list is Nina Martinelli. Hailing from Tambaú, once one of Brazil’s top tile manufacturing centres, Nina Martinelli draws on this rich local tile heritage with tiles characterised by good taste, refined rusticity, tactile surfaces and sublime quality.

Fusing this local heritage with Italian expertise, Nina Martinelli creates new product lines that really put the company on the map.  This is an artisanal offer with products produced individually, in a manual process that ensures the uniqueness of each piece.

Diamante Cemento by Nina Martinelli
Diamante Cemento by Nina Martinelli

At Revestir, Nina Martinelli’s new floor and wall tiles will include architectural concrete-effect tiles – Esagonale and Diamond – that offer a fresh take on an established genre. Esagonale is an organic format that can be used to create the beehive pattern in both internal and external environments. The tiles are water-repellent, impermeable and, thus, easy to clean.  This 870 by 870mm design is available in two versions: Esagonale Scortese for internal floors and balconies; and the Esuronale Aérmico Naturale for swimming pools and outdoor areas.

Diamond is really three pieces of concrete in one, offering nuances of colour that resemble burnt cement.  When well lit, this elegant shape produces a beautiful visual effect.  The range, available in white, grey and beige, can be used on external façades or internal walls. There are two formats: 200 by 200mm, and 150 by 370mm.

The cobogo is a classic Brazilian 3D tile form: a perforated structural screen.  Cobogós are a sustainable way to divide open spaces. They offer privacy without isolating the common areas while, at the same time, they allow in both light and natural ventilation.

Cobogó Brise by Rosa Pinc for Nina Martinelli
Cobogó Brise by Rosa Pinc for Nina Martinelli

For Revestir, Nina Martinelli is launching the Cobogó Brise, made in architectural concrete, and created by the designer Rosa Pinc.  Here form and function are in perfect harmony.  “I’ve transformed my always organic shapes into subtle straight lines that allow light and fresh breeze to leave the environment pleasant,” explains Pinc.

Brise is presented in two versions.  Clair is more open, while Sombre offers more subtle casting.  Together these two pieces offer a beautiful visual effect.  Sold separately, in a 300 by 300mm format, these two cast forms offer a wide range of design possibilities.

A new post by Joe Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, March 2018.

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