Tree-Angle created by 967Arch.

Illuminating Intelligence

Tree-Angle created by 967Arch.
Tree-Angle created by 967Arch.

Aldabra, the Italian architectural lighting brand, has collaborated with Cotto D’Este, the Italian manufacturer of high-quality porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles, on a project called Kerlight: Design your light with Kerlite.  This initiative attracted a pool of top Italian architectural firms who laboured to create an innovative lighting fixture that combined the technical abilities of Aldabra and Kerlite: Cotto d’Este’s ultra-thin laminated porcelain panels.

Tree-Angle created by 967Arch.
Tree-Angle created by 967Arch.

On 20th of March at the Light + Building fair in Frankfurt, Tree-Angle created by 967Arch was declared the winner.  This studio combined the Argerot Laye natural finish Kerlite with Aldabra’s functionality to striking effect.  The winning firm will receive a symbolic award from Cotto d’Este, while the lamp will be included in the Aldabra collection.

Tree-Angle created by 967Arch.
Tree-Angle created by 967Arch.

Thin, light and manufactured in sizes up to 1,000 by 3,000mm, Kerlite slabs are reinforced with fibreglass; ideal for contemporary architecture.  They also have a reduced ecological impact: using less raw materials, consuming less water and energy,and producing lower CO2 emissions.

The lighting fixture made by Aldabra and customized for the Tree-Angle lamp uses a Led system protected by a polymerized resin body that is held between two Kerlite slabs: 600mm high, and 300mm and 180mm wide.  They are located at right angles to the light source.  This lighting system is simple, soft, discreet, and resistant to climate changes and atmospheric phenomena because of the resin coating.

As well as the winning project, the two collaborating brands awarded a Special Mention to the K – 2EK Track project by Arturo Montanelli – Studio AR.DE.A, in recognition of its strong design and its technical excellence.

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