Charm by Monocibec

Italian Inspiration

Nexstone by Ceramiche Lea
Nexstone by Lea Ceramiche

One of the key benefits of attending Coverings is its fantastic conference programme; a diverse compilation of inspirational and educational presentations on trends, techniques, business and much more.   As thought leaders in the industry, representatives from Ceramics of Italy will participate in several educational sessions within the show’s conference programme.

Flair by Naxos
Flair by Naxos Ceramica

On Wednesday, 9th May at 8.00am in Room B312, experts including Andrea Contri, Sustainability Manager at Confindustria Ceramica, will present Health, Safety, Environment, Design: Specifying Tile in Today’s Sustainability Landscape.  The session will provide an in-depth look at how the industry can combine sustainability messaging and various specification tools into a package.

Comfort by Dom Ceramiche
Comfort by Dom Ceramiche

Afterwards, at 9:30am in Room B309, Cristina Faedi, Manager of Promotional Activities for Ceramics of Italy, will discuss Global Tile Trends which covers material innovations, creative applications and how they can transform the installation of tile.

Seamless Project by Unicom Starker
Seamless Project by Unicom Starker

Donato Grosser, President of D Grosser and Associates, together with Santo Torcivia, President, Marketing Insights, will break down the ceramic tile marketplace, providing attendees with valuable insight and guidance to be a competitive company in a lecture called How Ceramic Tile Has and Is Forecast to Compete with Other Products. Taking place at 3pm on Wednesday, 9th May 9 in Room B308, these experts will share the drivers of growth and how ceramic tile compares to other products such as LVT and wood by sales history, room application, price point, market segment and other essential factors.

Lab by ABK
Lab by ABK

At the Ceramics of Italy International Press Conference on Wednesday, 9th May (4 to 5pm) senior representatives from the Italian ceramics industry will discuss trends and updates on the state of the industry and present the winners of the 2018 Tile Competition.  Celebrating a historic milestone, Ceramics of Italy will honour a number of prestigious architecture and design firms from across Canada and the USA, as well as the winners of the new student category. Following the press conference, Ceramics of Italy will screen the world premiere of Timeless Tiles: The Italian Legacy and honor the 2018 recipient of the coveted Confindustria Ceramica North American Distributor Award, which celebrates the close connection between Italian tile manufacturers and their valued North American partners.

Charm by Monocibec
Charm by Monocibec

For more information visit or follow Ceramics of Italy on Facebook (@CeramicsOfItalyNA) and YouTube (@LaCeramicaItaliana) as well as Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram (@CeramicsOfItaly).

For more on the featured products visit:

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