Stories Beyond The Biscuit

Look carefully at the compositional flexibility, subtle play of light and shadow, and the strength yet delicacy of the mouldings, and it is clear that Biscuit by 41Zero42 is a very refined range; a sophisticated product based on in-depth research. This collection is capable of surprise because of the simplicity of its elements. Continue reading Stories Beyond The Biscuit

Shades Of Sophistication

Designer Gordon Guillaumier drew his inspiration for Shades by Ceramiche Piemme from classic hand-decorated majolica. The tiles realistically replicate the delicate and imperfect marks left by the designer’s brush strokes; while the colours overlap to create unique shades. Continue reading Shades Of Sophistication

Easel Does It

With Level, Emilgroup exploits not only the beauty of porcelain stoneware surfaces, but above all their performances. Level cannot be scratched or scored by blades or other objects, its colour and structure remain unaffected by exposure to sources of heat, and it cannot be altered by chemical agents or other particularly acidic or harsh products or foodstuffs. Continue reading Easel Does It