Enjoy the view at Brew92

There is a whole host of surface solutions on display at this Saudi-Arabian coffee shop.  It is the third of its kind to be designed by Liqui for Brew92.  This time, Scandinavian design is the clear source of inspiration.  In order to incorporate many elements into this location, including a roastery and lounge rooms, the space is divided up with various bespoke elements.  Despite the wide range of shapes and materials used on the floors and walls, the result is a creative space that is light and airy.


The reliance on natural elements – such as blues, wood, and vegetation – make for a tranquil setting, while floor-to-ceiling windows flood the building with light.  The coffee counter itself features triangles in varying shades of blue, topped with a white and grey heavily veined marble.  The floor relies predominantly on white hexagonal tiles and concrete for an easy balance between industrial and Scandi chic.


Two opposing walls fight for the spotlight as one features a large scale art feature with varying colours, shapes, and textures, and the other takes a more subtle approach.  Using interlocking geometric oak tiles, a bespoke item from Liqui, the plain white wall is transformed into an architectural feature in its own right.


To create a sense of separated space for more intimate coffee-shop gatherings these features are repeated, including further use of the oak tiles and more eye-catching artwork from French contemporary artist Vincent Abadie Hafez (Zepha).


The furnishings showcase more bespoke designs from Liqui giving a homogenous feel throughout, matching woods and colour palettes and soft curved shapes work against the harsh geometric lines and industrial flooring.

Liqui Design

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, April 2019

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