Earthy Energy

Warm, rich, earthy tones feature fantastically in Ariana‘s Energy collection. Coral, Curry, and Peacock take primary colours to another level, giving added subtlety without compromising on vitality- exemplifying perfectly “the power of colour”.


The chosen shades work beautifully with one another, and with the neutral Milk, Grey, and Cream options, enabling a host of design and installation choices. Working with the earthy tones are the textures that Energy has to offer. Shabby and Spatula provide varied textural effects with rough-and-ready plaster work and scored line indentations.


The natural, organic texture gives the tiles a rustic, tactile presence which adds immediate character and comfort. The collection features predominantly larger format 300 by 1200mm tiles although a thinner 50 by 1200mm insert is offered in the bold tones which help break up wall sections and vary interiors.


Energy is designed to work well with other collections, which is demonstrated throughout the catalogue. Those featuring neutral tones and natural stone looks are shown, with matched elements including aluminium strips in varying metal tones to be used in between the Energy tiles, and 3D relief patterned Shine tiles which come in a smaller format (110 by 220mm) and in four colours.


The two decor elements Energy Brush Grey/Cream and Energy Dots act to diffuse some of the colour, whilst subtly tying together the varied shades. They provide further texture and visual intrigue, nicely complimenting the range.


A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, July 2019.

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