Around the World with Marca Corona

As Cersaie 2019 approaches, Tile Addict is treated to a few previews of what’s in store. Marca Corona‘s stand seeks to take us beyond Italy, and on a journey around the world. Translating the essence of a few select locations onto tile has led to an eclectic range of 9 collections, taking us from New York to Thailand.

These stoneware floor and wall tiles reflect the sprawling urban spaces of New York. With 3D accent details, modern colour, and a lava stone effect, this stylish collection is made ready for the city.

Marca Corona around the world tile collection cersaie 2019

It’s back to the Victorian era with this selection of white-body wall tiles. With inspiration from London’s Neoclassical buildings and wood paneled interiors, these tiles make use of the 3D to provide a similar effect for the modern day. With soft pastel colours, they work as a calming backdrop with age-old personality.


Foyer takes us to the streets of Paris. Designed to imitate marble, the collection sources its inspiration from monuments and French elegance. The stoneware floor and wall tiles make use of graphics and colour effects to produce modern designs with an exclusive feel.

Marca Corona around the world tile collection cersaie 2019

The warmth of Marrakesh and its colour and personality come through in Overclay. These earth-effect tiles have a charming softness and earthy soul. The sun and sands live together in the porcelain bodies, bringing the desert into design.

Marca Corona around the world tile collection cersaie 2019

Soul Bay
A taste of Thailand comes through in Soul Bay. The peaceful decoration on these white-body wall tiles represent the calmness of the culture. The subtle textures and patterns pay tribute to the country’s rich history.

Soul Bay

Storie d’Italia, Tortona, Paprica, and Regoli
Four collections represent the history of Italy. Storie d’Italia’s designs are vibrant and full of Mediterranean life, inspired by traditional majolica tiles. The colours are more muted in Tortona, and the designs take inspiration from the trendy Milan neighbourhood where the collection gets its name. Paprica is a nod to eighties Milan, with intriguing geometric designs that capture the imagination. With über modern colours, and a fresh take on design, Paprica offers something very special. Regoli includes trend after trend. Colour and texture feature heavily to create a lively take on city chic.



Marca Corona

Cersaie Stand
B2-C1, Hall 18

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