Mutina Chymia black and white tile range cersaie 2019

Cersaie Curiosities V

This year’s Cersaie has given us so much to talk about from so many different companies – a delightfully eclectic mix of patterns, trends, and textures. And luckily, there is still more to share. The earthy Techland collection from Natucer added a vibrant warmth to the stand that was hard to miss. A variety of shapes, formats, and surface decors in Fire, Basalt, and Natural Cotto are featured in this organic looking hand-crafted range. They are suitable for a range of spaces including swimming pools, gardens, and high traffic areas.

Natucer Tech Land cotto range cersaie 2019
Tech Land Natural
Natucer Tech Land cotto range cersaie 2019
Natucer Tech Land Basalt

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