Modelled on Antique Mirrors

It’s the look of worn aged mirrors that give this collection from Viva an antique flair. Combining a high-gloss finish with the rough marks of wear gives Narciso the best of both worlds, chosen as ” as the gateway to a world of meanings”. These porcelain tiles demonstrate shade variations alongside the age marks, ensuring a visually rich surface.

emilgroup provenza new tile collection
ARiflessi Zaffiro 120x278 Frammenti 60x120 Bistrot

The randomised marks and speckled texture produce an intriguing effect that has a special industrial elegance. The four finishes (Natural, Gloss, Semi-Polished, and Matt Semi-Polished), each have their own worn beauty. The two polished options are achieved through a process that eliminates any element of roughness, resulting in a mirror-like surface.

riflessi acif emilgroup tile collection
riflessi acif emilgroup tile collection

The range’s four colours (Perla, Argento, Topaizo, and Zaffiro) are all inspired by precious stones and minerals, and each offer a particular type of visual when combined with any of the surface finishes. A stunningly impactful selection of decors complete the range.

ARiflessi Frammenti MIx 60x120 Full Lapp 60x120 Topazio Lapp. Matt. Amb. Hotel
riflessi acif emilgroup tile collection

Frammenti presents an arrangement of chipped fragments, combining colours and tones within the shards. There is an innate elegance to the compositions, made even more so by the glossy surface. Gemma is more inspired by antique decorative motifs which combine wonderfully with the rest of the collection.

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