We asked ChatGPT to write an article about tiles

ChatGPT is everywhere, people are using it to help with coding, to write school essays, to answer random questions, or simply to pass the time. It’s become so popular that the site has been continuously down for weeks for anybody trying to use it. It has also been touted as a replacement for many creative careers and various jobs that require higher education. But can it replace a Tile Addict? Well let’s see…

We gave it the prompt to “write a funny article about a real unique tile collection” and this is what it gave us:

“Introducing the newest and most unique tile collection on the market – the “Toilet Tile” collection!

This collection features tiles that are designed to look like miniature toilet bowls, complete with realistic flushing mechanisms and even the sound of flushing when you step on them. Imagine the look on your guest’s face when they step into your bathroom and think they’ve accidentally walked into the wrong room!

But the fun doesn’t stop there, these toilet tiles are not only unique but also eco-friendly! The flushing mechanism is powered by solar energy and the water used for flushing is recycled. You’ll be saving the environment and having a good laugh at the same time.

These tiles are perfect for bathrooms, but we won’t judge if you want to install them in your living room or kitchen. They are also great for public restrooms and will definitely keep your guests entertained.

Don’t settle for boring, plain tiles when you can have the “Toilet Tiles” collection. It’s the perfect way to add some humor and personality to any room in your home. Just make sure to let your guests know it’s not a real toilet before they try to use it.”

Funny, yes! But a collection that is real? No! Unfortunately “Toilet Tiles” don’t exist, and you won’t be able to prank your guests with their flushing power. Safe to say we won’t be requiring ChatGPT for its blogging skills, but maybe the Toilet Tiles could be coming to a showroom near you soon!

What do you think of AI getting creative?

All images were created on DeepAI with the prompt “toilet tiles”

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, and ChatGPT, February 2023.

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