Marble Bricks from Isla Tiles

The new porcelain stoneware collection from Isla Tiles is the perfect crossover between tradition and modernity. Selecting one of the world’s favourite and most ancient materials – marble – Selezione Marmi offers an elegant contemporary spin with its selection of marble-look bricks. Four shades of whites, grey, and black make up the collection with the varied veins of each marble style broken up by the … Continue reading Marble Bricks from Isla Tiles

Heritage tile collection Ricchetti

Castle living with Ricchetti

Rustic edges and uneven surfaces are the hallmarks of Ricchetti‘s Heritage collection. With a desire to redefine the romantic, Ricchetti’s deep neutral shades evoke images of times past with an unmistakable crafted look. Attempting to produce a time that sits mid-way between past and present, Heritage’s five colour options (Blanc, Sable, Cendre, Noir, and Multicolor) fit in peacefully with the modern, whilst offering the mystique … Continue reading Castle living with Ricchetti

Rex marble look tiles Florim

Jewels for the floor

A unique marble-look is always a showstopper. Dramatic colours and deep varied veining offer a delight for the eyes and unmistakable elegance. The “les bijoux de rex” collection from Florim brand Rex empowers an eclectic selection of minerals and marbles to function as art (and jewellery). The Rex brand’s expressive abilities and penchant for artistic beauty make up the essence of this collection. The selected … Continue reading Jewels for the floor

Coverings 2020 Atlas Concorde Boost Pro tile collection

Atlas Concorde’s Concrete Makeover

Atlas Concorde enlivens concrete in their urban-chic collection Boost Pro. Complementing their original Boost collection, which focused on the cooler tones of concrete-effect, Boost Pro lands on the warmer side of the spectrum. The porcelain floor tiles explore brown tones, from pale Ivory to the deep brown Tobacco with Cream, Clay, and Taupe in between. All have a Matte and Grip finish, as well as … Continue reading Atlas Concorde’s Concrete Makeover

Modelled on Antique Mirrors

It’s the look of worn aged mirrors that give this collection from Viva an antique flair. Combining a high-gloss finish with the rough marks of wear gives Narciso the best of both worlds, chosen as ” as the gateway to a world of meanings”. These porcelain tiles demonstrate shade variations alongside the age marks, ensuring a visually rich surface. The randomised marks and speckled texture … Continue reading Modelled on Antique Mirrors

Metal magic with Cercom

It was a decision to bring to life the unique beauty of oxidised metal within the confines of porcelain stoneware that led Cercom to produce their latest collection, Temper. Maintaining the many qualities of tempered steel – durability and reliable resistance to everyday use – Temper offers it’s own selection of features. Specifically, a high level of control that ensures a consistency in the five … Continue reading Metal magic with Cercom

tile collection terrazzo medley ergon

Ergon: turning out terrific terrazzo

This spectacular terrazzo surprise comes from Emilgroup brand Ergon. Inspired by a tradition of ancient Venetian Seminato, one of the oldest forms of recycling, Medley offers an enticing combination of colour and composition. The two concrete variants (Minimal and Tecnica) are brought to life by three Venetian Seminato versions – Classic, with standard-look terrazzo shards, Rock, with enlarged and exaggerated fragments, and Pop, with curved … Continue reading Ergon: turning out terrific terrazzo

emilgroup provenza new tile collection

Belgian Bleu Brilliance

Emilgroup brand Provenza takes ancient inspiration for their Unique Bleu collection. Subtly interspersed with fossilised flora and fauna, Belgian Pierre Bleu stone provides the primitive appearance imitated by Provenza’s range. The veining and shade variation present in the limestone recall millions of years past, when what is now Belgium lay beneath a tropical sea. The collection takes the natural tones of the rocks, which vary … Continue reading Belgian Bleu Brilliance

Megeve’s Mountain Wood

For our virtual Coverings, all Italian tile brand Cerdisa has shared with us their comforting collection of wood-looks – Megeve. Four natural tones (Acero, Teak, Rovere, and Wenge) come in a natural effect finish, with four taking on the appearance of oiled wood (Iroko, Rovere, Acero, and Wenge), and three offering a grip finish (Iroko, Teak, and Rovere). Two sizes (200 by 1,200mm and 265 … Continue reading Megeve’s Mountain Wood

Four finishes from Ceramiche Caesar

Four innovative surface finishes (Soft, Matt R10 A+B, Graph, and Aextra20) come together in Ceramiche Caesar‘s Join. Designed to combine the modernity and elegance of concrete and resin, the collection’s surface finishes explore a variety of aesthetics within the bounds of the material fusion. The company describes Soft as having “an innovative, tactile feel” with a “soft aesthetic effect” that “gives the product a sense … Continue reading Four finishes from Ceramiche Caesar