To our fabulous fellow Tile Addicts

After countless issues with Memberpress (the software we have been using to organise paid subscriptions) we have decided to change it up. WordPress have now released their own system that will hopefully streamline the process and minimise errors, and we’re switching over.

The only hitch is that we can’t manually transfer our wonderful existing subscribers, so we’re asking you if you would be so kind as to re-subscribe using the link below. Unfortunately the minimum subscription fee we can charge is 30p (because of Stripe and WordPress fees), so we have created a special subscription for those of you generous enough to take the time, energy, and 30p to re-subscribe. Beyond this point our yearly fee will be increasing, so to make use of some free extra months of subscription at the lowest price point, now is the time!

Thank you so much in advance, Diary of a Tile Addict will live on thanks to incredible people like you!

We really appreciate it
– Joe and Hanna.