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Ceramica Bardelli's Corrispondenza
Ceramica Bardelli’s Corrispondenza

Earth Tones continue to engage and enthuse tile designers.  Here, Kristin Coleman and the team from Novita PR explore how the European manufacturers represented by Ceramics of Italy have nuanced natural hues and textures into one of the top 10 tile design trends for global interiors over the next year.
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Ceramica Rondine's Frammenti Red
Ceramica Rondine’s Frammenti Red

Drawing their main inspiration from natural elements, a wide range of Italian tiles fall into this theme.

Ceramica Vogue's Graph
Ceramica Vogue’s Graph

Colour palettes range from dirt, clay and sand inspired browns; forest, moss and grass-like greens; red and golden tones reminiscent of the sun; and shades of blue to evoke an oceanic feel.

Ceramica Sant'Agostino's Patchwork
Ceramica Sant’Agostino’s Patchwork

This trend has become popular partially due to a revival of 1970s style along with a greater focus on mother nature and its ability to create a sense of natural serenity.

Collections include Wide & Style by ABK, Corrispondenza by Ceramica Bardelli, Frammenti by Ceramica Rondine, Terre Vietrese by Ceramica Vietri Antico, Graph by Ceramica Vogue, Omni-Touch by Edilcuoghi (above left), Cozy by Flaviker, Res Art by Fondovalle (above right), Bleecker by Marca Corona, Lamelle by Ornamenta (below left), and Geomat by Tonalite (below right).

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