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Continuing the exploration of current tile design trends by Kristin Coleman and the team from Novita PR in the USA, here Tile Addict looks at the Deconstructed theme.

Casa Dolce Casa's Studios of Casamood
Casa Dolce Casa’s Studios of Casamood
Casalgrande Padana's Resina Shades
Casalgrande Padana’s Resina Shades

Tile companies are constantly seeking new ways to add movement and volume to the flat surface, whether by texture, pattern, or trompe l’oeil effects.

Ceramica Bardell's Palladiana
Ceramica Bardell’s Palladiana

Deconstructed is the most recent example, featuring a breakdown and reconstruction of shapes that transcend the traditional rectilinear format of a tile.

Ceramica Bardelli's Corrispondenza
Ceramica Bardelli’s Corrispondenza

Many of these collections are created by designers known for their eclectic approach like Studiopepe and Paola Navone and range from kaleidoscopic patterns and floating geometric shapes to fragments of seemingly broken tile.

Relevant collections include Studios of Casamood by Casa Dolce Casa, Shades by Casalgrande Padana, Corrispondenza and Palladiana by Ceramica Bardelli, Fragments by Ceramiche Piemme (above left), Bonbon by Decoratori Bassanesi, I Cocci by Fioranese, Metafisico by Ornamenta (above right) and Vanguard by Pastorelli.

Decoratori Bassanesi's Bonbon
Decoratori Bassanesi’s Bonbon
Novita PR

Fioranese's I Cocci
Fioranese’s I Cocci

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