Creations Big and Small

Stretching from floor to ceiling, large format tiles are here in a big way. Rather than selecting separate materials and colours for wall, countertops, cabinets and backsplashes, it’s now trendy to simply extend the floor upwards. This has a grand impact on interior spaces, especially open plan living areas, creating a clean, smooth expanse.

Obac Grafito from Onice (600x1200mm)
Obac Grafito from Onice (600x1200mm)

Onice showcases this theme throughout their catalogue for Cevisama. Their large format marble and concrete effect porcelain tiles create a seamless look. Minimal grout-lines and a polished finish make for an immaculate space unblemished by constant harsh edges.

Concrete Select Gris Pulido from Onice (1200x1200mm)
Calcatta Select Blanco Pulido from Onice (800x800mm and 600x1200mm)

Their ranges include pale concrete and classic grey looks, marble-effects in colours ranging from cool whites to warmer beige, and rougher looking stone effect tiles. Many of the styles come in both square (800x800mm) and rectangle form (600x1200mm).

Sary in Blanco, Marfil, Gris and Beige from Onice (600x1200mm)

Alfa Ceramic offers a similar range of porcelain tiles, from stone and marble-effect to a cement look. The sizes range from 900x900mm and 600x1200mm to the slightly smaller 608x608mm.

Dylon Gris from Alfa (900x900mm)
Dylon Gris from Alfa (900x900mm)

For something even larger format, look to Lea Ceramiche, making massive tiles elegant works of art. Laminated porcelain stoneware is used to create 6mm thick imitation marble tiles in four unique colours, and three intriguing decors.

Venato Bianco Butterfly and Venato Bianco Nat from Lea Ceramiche (1200x2600mm)
Venato Bianco Butterfly and Venato Bianco Nat from Lea Ceramiche (1200x2600mm)
Invisible Light Touch from Lea Ceramiche (1200x2600mm)

Perfect for large open spaces, the classic marble look gives an endless feel to the room as the decors work to provide the focal point.

Venato Bianoco and Venato Bianco Butterfly (1200x2600mm)
Venato Bianoco and Venato Bianco Butterfly (1200x2600mm)

From GranitiFiandre, their Maximum collections couldn’t be more on trend. Maximum Fiandre Extralite are strong, flexible and lightweight, making them perfect for all kinds of design solutions. These porcelain stoneware tiles are available in eight different ranges, including marble, stone and wood effect pieces.

Eminent Wood comes in two shades, seven sizes and two finishes.

Eminent Grey Wood Maximum from GranitiFiandre (3000x1500mm)

With Maximum, the resistant and easy-to-clean surface makes it an ideal material for use as in kitchens as countertops and tables. Marmi Maximum is available in 20 colours and five sizes, including the largest (3000x1500mm).

Premium White Marmi Maximum from GranitiFiandre
Premium White Marmi Maximum from GranitiFiandre

Hq.resin, available in three maxi slab sizes (3000x1000mm, 1000x1000mm, 1500x1000mm) can similarly be used throughout the home. More than just a floor and wall tile, the thin Maximum tiles can be used to create bespoke surfaces in areas that require longevity and durability.

Hq.resin in Grey from GranitiFiandre

Other large format ranges include; Vanity, Exedra, and Wonderwall by Cotto d’Este and Classtone, Colorfeel and Fusion by Neolith.

In a whole different vein, thin and ultra thin tiles are also expected to rise in popularity. These narrow shapes can be used to create a variety of patterns and designs with a more refined look than can be achieved by the standard subway tile.

Country Antracita from Equipe (65x200mm)
Country Antracita from Equipe (65x200mm)

Bricked from Alteret offers eight colours of their 50x270mm tiles. These handmade terracotta tiles are made one by one and so each is unique in their texture and surfaces.

Bricked Bianco from Alteret (50x270mm)
Bricked Bianco from Alteret (50x270mm)

There is a surprising amount these thin tiles can do to alter the feel of size and scale of an interior space. Stacking them can give the illusion of height and laying them in brick format or herringbone increases the feeling of width.

Acqua Piastrella Mix from Natucer (50x250mm)
Acqua Piastrella Mix from Natucer (50x250mm)

The length to width ratio of this range from Vives really helps amplify this space-altering effect. Bolena offers six colours and one floral pattern style to play with.

Loris Blanco Bolena frim Vives (65x400mm)
Loris Blanco Bolena from Vives (65x400mm)

Realonda‘s Gala range presents skinny tiles in seven colours, including metallic effects, and each with their own decor pieces. They can be adapted to any indoor environment to make for aesthetic backsplashes, bathrooms and feature walls.

Gala Azul from Realonda (80x333mm)
Gala Azul from Realonda (80x333mm)

Other collections featuring thin tiles are: City Concret by Natucer and Earth by Senio.

Alfa Ceramic
Lea Ceramiche

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