Margraf Moulds Marble

Advances in machine technology never cease to amaze. In the world of the design they are key to manipulating raw materials and producing unique styles. Now, cutting-edge CNC machinery has enabled Italian company Margraf to creatively shape marble.

01_Living room
Texture 3D_4

The inclusion of this new process has enabled a new collection of 3D wall coverings which showcase marble with a variety of different textures. Using such a classic material in such a modern way has created a range of surfaces that ooze sophistication and excitement.


The textures include: Onda, Clessidra, Scanalata, Dune, and Wing 1, 2 and 3, and vary from stacked blocks to large curved forms. The textures also feature varied line and depth play.

Texture 3D_3

The colour options provide a whole range of decorative marble including: Bianco Carrara, Bianco Siberia, Crema Nuova, Fior di Pesco Carnico, Jolie Grey, and Lipica Fiorito . The collection boasts a relatively thin thickness, with the 600 by 600mm slabs starting at 30mm, which means applications don’t need anchoring systems and they can be attached with simple marble glue. The surfaces come in a polished finish or a matt honed finish.


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