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London based surface design company Graphic Relief specialise in texture and materials, crafting unique and curious works and intricate designs. They have been involved in mural projects, architectural biennales, and art exhibitions, demonstrating the extent of their creativity and the brilliance behind their manufacturing processes.

Graphic Relief textures
The materials they work with are varied, encompassing concrete, metal, ceramic, plaster, glass, and more. They work closely with their clients, ensuring visual details are translated aesthetically to the surfaces. Relief moulds are produced to cast materials, and the end results are often captivating and enigmatic.


In a collaboration with architect and architect illustrator Ingo Glaetsch for Gallery Different in London, iconic scenes of the city were developed in concrete by Graphic Relief. Glaetsch created the images with a fluid and textured use of drizzled acrylic paint, which was then transferred into a digital copy and manufactured into a mould. The final pieces are striking, almost haunting, but stunningly beautiful.

Ingo Glaetsch work for Gallery Different concrete art
Ingo Glaetsch work for Gallery Different
Ingo Glaetsch work for Gallery Different concrete art
Ingo Glaetsch work for Gallery Different

A similar procedure was used to produce the Bletchley Park mural – a hut with concrete gables which feature a recreation of a 1939 map of Bletchley, with relief added to the panels to highly key areas and features. Organic and unusual shapes are present throughout the company’s portfolio, as is their interest in the geometric.

Bletchley Park mural graphic relief design
Bletchley Park mural

They offer a bespoke service for their surface design, enabling freedom of form, pattern, and texture which can result in complex, unique pieces. Their service extends to panels as large as 2000mm by 1200mm.

Graphic Relief

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