Decorum Lilac Tiles

A Dream Palette from Decorum Tiles

Decorum Tiles makes the most of their local Cornish setting with hand-painted Delft tiles depicting the area’s flora, fauna, landscapes, and delicacies, but it’s their unique colour palette that really sets them apart.

Simple patterns are uplifted with stunning soft pastels and vibrant tones that are hard to come by in the tile world, let alone combined with classic motifs. Signal, Cosmo, Stargazy, and Chequers can be found in countless shops and showrooms, but only in safe shades of blue, black, and grey, and most recently light pink and sage green.

At Decorum Tiles your options multiply into rich oranges, aquamarine, teal, lemon, and most excitingly of all, lilac, lavender, and bluebell. Perfect for bubblegum interiors, children’s bathrooms, or colour-lovers’ homes, these rare tiles are a fabulous find.

With their Pop Arc, Arc, and Drift collections Decorum Tiles also have your retro dreams covered. Curves, colour-pops, and combos create the perfect base for a home inspired by distant decades.

Decorum Tiles

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