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Stylish tiling with Studio Modijefsky

Looking at the portfolio of Amsterdam-based designers Studio Modijefsky it appears that they love tiles as much as we do. With countless restaurants, hotels, bars, and cafes under their belts we’ve got plenty to share, but here are some of our favourites.

1. Otto’s Burger in Cologne

A miscellany of tiles blends old and new elements in this former bakery, respecting its history whilst adding a refreshed personality. The L-shaped building is separated into various sections both split apart and married together with block colour, terrazzo tiles, and planks of wood.

2. Volare & Bomboloni’s in Amsterdam

Inspired by the Amalfi Coast in the 1960s, this trattoria makes the most of Mediterranean materials with warm-toned ceramic tiles skirting the interior and sprawling up the bar and columns.

3. De Biertuin West in Amsterdam

Warm, rough materials decorate the interior of this German biergärten inspired bar. Rich, burnt orange zellige tiles cover the columns, adding both intensity and light with their glossy surface whilst aged red copper, and oxidized green copper coat the walls creating an fabulously unusual effect.

4. CityHub in Rotterdam

Futuristic hotel concept CityHub creates a community space to work, converse, and relax with pod-style bedrooms to stay in. The communal areas are tiles in red, pink, and blue terrazzo with a black tiled staircase leading to the sleeping pods and blue and pink tiled bathrooms.

5. Arie op de hoek in Amsterdam

A traditional neighbourhood bar is recreated with classic materials and a chilled-out casual vibe. Various decorative details make use of tiles from a the pop of blue zellige on the bar, to the terrazzo behind the kickrail, and the ultra-glossy black tiles that feature above the bar, reflecting the neon strip.

Studio Modijefsky

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