Six spaces featuring tiles from New Terracotta

Every restaurant, bar, hotel, and cafe is made better with tiles, and here are six that have been improved by some tiles from New Terracotta.

1) Bremen Bar in Cantabria, Spain

Adding a little texture to the walls of this elegant Spanish bar (designed by Estudio Olade) are two takes on New Terracotta’s Constellation tiles; one in Ice Grey White and one in Tempest Blue.

2) Bagery Form Baker in Dubai, UAE

Rough brick tiles lend an organic depth to the walls of this Dubai-based bakery. The designers of Bone Studio specified New Terracotta’s Brick in Terra Sand for the features, with a bespoke cut creating a layered effect to the space.

3) The Lobby Bar in Crete, Greece

New Terracotta’s stunning textured tiles Bump and Kiss in Ultramarine decorate the bar at Cretan Malia Park by Design Hotels. Offering a seaside vibe and fabulous designer flair, these tiles are effortless in their elegance.

4) Fýri Resort in Hemsedal, Norway

The bar in Fýri Resort’s Restaurant Liv is given a firey facelift with bespoke tiles from New Terracotta. Spik Studio specified their Hayward Dimensional tiles in Red Chili Pepper to create an aura of warmth around the bar that radiates towards the tables.

5) Longnecks Bar in Bonn, Germany

Rich red metro tiles surround the bar in this stylish space. Matching the cheeks and tongue of the giraffe mural on the back wall, the tiles emphasise the playful nature of Longnecks as well as providing a burst of colour with New Terracotta’s Red Chili Pepper.

6) Abuelo Kuwait in

With a bar area topped and tailed in New Terracotta’s Forest Green tiles and seating area covered in earthy Terra Sand, this fresh new restaurant designed by Studio Nesef is all organic vibes.

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