Ateliers Zelij

In the 90s, Delphine Laporte and Samir Mazer saw the same promise of zellige that the design world still sees today. Bringing zellige into a new era whilst honouring it’s traditional roots, Toulouse-based Ateliers Zelij ensure material quality and ancestral techniques remain at the heart of the creation process.

Every Ateliers Zelij zellige tile is made by hand “from drying to enameling, including cutting with a marteline” with each piece oozing authenticity and finished in a wood-fired oven. Numerous intricately shaped, uniquely coloured, and skilfully crafted tiles form their zellige tile collections, incorporating diamonds, triangles, crosses, hexagons, and many more unusual forms throughout.

Naturally progressing into other tiling delights, Ateliers Zelij also offers a wide range of patterned cement tiles and striking terrazzo, including a distinctive stone/terrazzo hybrid decor collection designed by founder Samir Mazer.

Ateliers Zelij

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