Five Fabulous Mosaic Artists

I’ve been blessed by the Instagram algorithm many times throughout my tenure as a Tile Addict, and on a number of those occasions I’ve stumbled into an incredible world of mosaics. If you’re a mosaic fan, these five artists are definitely ones to know.

1) Anne Marie Price

Captivating creatures and portraits full of personality make up a large portion of Anne Marie Price’s mosaics. With outstanding precision and a craftsman’s eye for detail, each artwork is a marvel. Read more about her work here.

2) Rachel Sager/The Forager Mosaicist

Intriguing mapscapes, detailed animals, and the large scale outdoor museum titled The Ruins Project demonstrate the many talents of Rachel Sager. Read more about her work here.

3) Julie Edmunds

The art of Julie Edmunds is ripe with intense colour. Figures, faces, and free-flowing forms feature throughout with vibrant punches of orange, aqua, and rose red punctuating each piece. Read more about her work here.

4) Gila Rayberg

Gila Rayberg has an outstanding gift for creating dynamic portraits overflowing with personality. Playing with unusual colours, curved shapes, and elements of texture, Rayberg’s mosaics are hard to forget. Read more about her work here.

5) Dionne Ibel/Qemamu Mosaics

Style and story characterise much of Dionne’s work. Her African heritage and depictions of nature star, with anthropomorphised trees, bodies entwined with flora, and highly embellished animals all found amongst the motifs. Read more about her work here.

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