Antic Feelings Red Moon by SomerTile

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For this post, Tile Addict is looking over the pond for ceramic tiles of distinction, and found them in the surface textures and delicate colour options of Antic, a range distributed by SomerTile.  The design featured in the main picture is SomerTile Antic Feelings Red Moon; a 75 by 150mm embossed floral subway tile that features uneven edges for a hand-made look. SomerTile offers up to four varieties of floral and lace patterns offering extensive design possibilities.  The delicate colouring, which features (in this instance) variations of vibrant crimson red with brown around the edges, helps to emphasize this appealing rustic look.

Antic Feelings Red Moon by SomerTile
Antic Feelings Red Moon by SomerTile
Antic Feelings Red Moon by SomerTile
Antic Feelings Red Moon by SomerTile

These satin tiles feature a bisque finish that shows the red ceramic on the raised pattern. The reactive glaze on this tile makes every piece unique, so no two tiles are ever exactly the same.  This reactive glazing technique causes variation between dye lots, but surely that is the point.  The resultant tiles are perfect for us as an accent with plain or craquelle tiles.

All the colours in this range have a similar hand-made aesthetic.  The Antic Feelings Agua Marina (above left) embossed floral subway tiles, for instance, have a pastel colouring that features different shades of vibrant mint and gradually darkens to teal, navy, and brown around the edges.  For added variety, each pack contains a random mix of tiles.  The right hand tile is Antic Sensations Agua Marina.

Antic Feelings Griggio and Antic Sensations Griggio.

Antic Feelings Lava Verde and Antic Sensations Lava Verde.

Antic Feelings Pergamon and Antic Sensations Pergamon.

Antic Feelings Via Lactea and Antic Sensations Via Lactea.

Antic Feelings Milk and Antic Sensations Milk.

Antic Craquelle and Antic Craquelle Gris Mix.

SomerTile is a leading wholesale tile distributor from the USA.  The company specializes in designer ceramic, porcelain and cement tiles, as well as mosaics.  SomerTile’s mission statement is: “Improving homes. Improving lives.”   This manifests itself by SomerTile enthusiasm in sourcing affordable luxury tiles and service-focused shopping experience.

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