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Made a Mano

We spend a lot of time looking at tile company websites and we know what we like and what we don’t. Easy to search, instinctive to navigate, and quick to load are just three factors which determine whether or not a portfolio is a pleasure to peruse and today we’re sharing a company whose website almost has it all.

Danish Tile and Stone company Made a Mano showcases their delightful collections in a simple list with each design’s available colours shown below. The collections themselves are effortlessly stylish, with nordic shades, natural textures, and elegant motifs featuring throughout.

Stretched metro tiles made from lava stone, speckled glazes, metallic reliefs, and soft matt textures can be freely mixed and matched thanks to the curated aesthetic.

Made a Mano’s passion for colour is emphasised through their wide range of shades and variations (including a selection of the ever-rare purple tile) whilst their global melange of influences are most notable in their Komon range which “fuses ancient Japanese patterns and Scandinavian elegance with the natural beauty of the untreated Italian lava stone.”

Made a Mano

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