Technicolour Tiles

These tiles change colour while you shower

OG Weird & Wonderful tile creators Moving Color have a huge range of reactive surfaces. Each piece is sensitive to heat, changing colour depending on the temperature of their surroundings.

The seven ranges – Touch Sensitive, Tie Dye, Watercolour, Aurora, Organic Line, Liquid Line, and Northern Lights – each offer their own colour spectrum starting and transforming into a variety of shades.

Northern Lights are glass tiles that start black at room temperature fading into a rainbow of red, yellow, green, and blue when heat is applied. The Touch Sensitive Line react to body heat. A range of 10 base colours in reds, blues, orange, green, and black change when touched to map out the shape of whatever object is transferring warmth.

Three colours make up Te Dye – icy blue, deep purple, and fiery red – each of which flow amongst their specific spectrums to create psychedelic features. Watercolour’s family of 8 base colours span aqua, indigo, forest green, and blends of orange and red. Designed to mimic the softness of watercolour, these tiles swim between lighter shades of the base colours once heat is applied.

Liquid Line replicates an oil-on-water sheen with dramatic rainbows emerging from the eight base tones. Moving Color’s Organic Line tiles offer an extra touch of decor with flowers and butterflies bursting in contrasting tones.

Moving Color

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