Sculptural Sophistication

Here’s another pre-Revestir teaser.  Castelatto is a company that I always look forward to visiting in Sao Paulo.  This design-led firm never fails to deliver the most exquisite 3D and geometric forms, often allied to really subtle yet effective use of colour.

Origami by Castellato
Origami by Castelatto
Dot by Castellato
Dot by Castelatto

Castelatto bills itself as a leader in architectural concrete floor and wall coverings: and you won’t get any arguments from Tile Addict.  Castelatto consistently offers a range of versatile solutions for all spaces and styles.  Acutely always aware of current design trends, its products deliver a unique look and allow dramatic interpretation of spaces.

This innovation is partnered with sustainable industrial processes, and ongoing investment in production technology.  So, all in all, Castelatto is a name to watch.  Since August 2014, in partnership with Grupo Areia, it has expanded its presence in Latin America and the USA; but I can think of many other markets around the world that would embrace its pioneering products.

Of course, this innovation has not gone unrewarded.  In 2015, the company won one of the worlds’ top prizes – the iF Design Awards – for its Origami range (below).  Inspired by the Japanese art of paper folding, Origami features sharp angles and straight cuts to deliver an innovative and sophisticated design that offers enticing light and shadow effects.

So, for relief, colour, shape, sophistication and ambition, Castelatto will be one of my first ports of call at Revestir next week.


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