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Leme by Lurca
Leme by Lurca

Here’s the latest in Tile Addict’s list of must-see companies at RevestirLurca Tiles was born out of a desire to offer new and interesting options of wall decoration. And, as Blackadder might say: “They are as cool as a polar bear eating ice cream in an ice bucket!”

Proa by Lurca
Proa by Lurca

Architect Bruna Albuquerque has been in charge of the Lurca Azulejos brand since 2010.  Her designs prove that she loves ceramic tiles and how they can totally change a space.  Lurca’s portfolio is inspired by the Brazilian ceramic tradition, and the tiles, while apparently simply, can be composed into striking panels and feature walls.  Each tile is hand-made and decorated using the tried and tested silk-screen process prior to firing.  These elegant designs show a great sophistication and restraint in their use of colour, line and geometry.


A great starting point is the Tanger collection which was inspired by Mediterranean Africa, and the ceramic traditions of the northern African tribes.


The collection display the essence of Lurca, minimalist and geometric, and capable of delivering surprising compositions.

Mastro by Lurca
Mastro by Lurca

Other new glazed wall tile ranges include Leme in Royal Blue; Proa in Salmon; Vela in Violet; and Mastro in Light Yellow.  All of these ranges use 154 by 154mm tiles and are sold in one sq. metre boxes.

Lurca's Sao Paulo showroom
Lurca’s Sao Paulo showroom

Lurca has a showroom in Sao Paulo at Rua Lemos Conde, 36.

Traco by Lurca
Traco by Lurca

In many ways Bruna Albuquerque is following in the footsteps of Athos Bulcão.  In the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, this great designer reinvented the application of Portuguese tiles in Brazil, developing new designs and prints that chimed with the modernist style of the time.  Like Bulcão, Albuquerque’s idea is to transform spaces through colour and form: and that is why Lurca is so inspirational.

A new post by Joe Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, March 2018.

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