Gem Glass Magma from Sicis

Playing with Nature

This is a small selection of companies’ offerings that take large formats to the next level and into the ether. Using inspiration from nature in the form of marble and gemstones, digital printing helps to create truly incredible out-of-this-world tiles.

Sicis offers both mystic marble and grand-scale gems. The veining in their marble collection comes in five powerful metallic shades, giving the collection its name – Electric Marble. The largest slab size is 1350x2900mm, but there are 17 additional formats and dimensions making it a versatile interior accessory. Its various uses are displayed throughout the catalogue, which showcases in particular the magnificent table tops these mystical tiles produce.

Electric Marble Cal Fuxia from Sicis
Electric Marble Cal Fuxia from Sicis
Electric Marble Cal Fuxia from Sicis
Electric Marble Cal Fuxia from Sicis

Their Gem Glass collection is equally as mysterious, but produce more of an impression that they were mined and transported straight from another universe. They create the highly desirable look of gemstone cross-sections but on a massive, naturally unobtainable scale. On first impressions some of the designs look like aerial photographs of unseen planets and their intricate details make incredibly intriguing focal points to design space around.

Gem Glass Clouds from Sicis
Gem Glass Lagoon from Sicis
Gem Glass Lagoon from Sicis
Gem Glass Boulder from Sicis

The 13 different designs all have something unique to offer, and the glass slabs add class and mystery to any interior. Each are offered in three different finishes: Solid, Chromo and Opalescent, which gives the option for the tiles to be backlit. A satin finish is also offered on request. They come in two large sizes 1200x2800mm and 1350x2900mm, with thicknesses of 6mm and 10mm.

Gem Glass River from Sicis
Gem Glass Magma from Sicis
Gem Glass Magma from Sicis

From Refin the veins of the marble look are emphasised with a glint of metal to create the ethereal chic of Stardust. Four shades from black to white with natural or soft finishes work with the iridescent veins to reflect light and create a collection inspired by the night’s sky.

Stardust Deep from Refin (750x750mm)
Stardust Deep from Refin (750x750mm)

En masse the effect of the tiles is delightful, in equal parts reminiscent of classic marble and a conglomerate of distant galaxies. They are available in five sizes, with the largest format being 750x1500mm and the smallest 300x600mm. The two metal decors – Bacchetta Bronzo and Bacchetta Oro – accentuate the collection’s inherent glamour.

Stardust Nebula from Refin (750x1500mm)

Marble and gemstones become one in Fuoriformato’s I Marmi (The Marbles) collection. There are 14 styles to choose from comprising simple enhanced veining to mysterious gem interiors. Their large formats deliver a unique look with most styles offering multiple pattern prints for varied interior décor.

The tiles come in 1000x3000mm and when placed together on a large scale create walls with real movement that absorbs attention whilst maintaining an air of calm about the space.

Mistic Blue A and B from Fuoriformato (1000x3000mm)
Mistic Blue A and B from Fuoriformato (1000x3000mm)

Read more about the collections here:
Electric Marble
Gem Glass


I Marmi

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