Dalí’s Timeless Tiles

A few years ago during a trip to Cersaie we had the pleasure of seeing a truly iconic range. Although we naturally included it in our ‘Curiosities‘ compilation, a friend of Tile Addict recently reminded us of the collection once again and we realised it deserved an article all by itself.

Not new in 2019, and certainly not new now, this range by ADEX was first produced in the 1950s. One of Spain’s oldest tile manufacturers, ADEX (Azulejo Decorado y Exportación), was first founded in 1897 by Miguel Piñón Castelló with the original name “El Siglo”. Still run by the family, ADEX is currently headed by 4th and 5th generation members.

The introduction of the Dalí’ tiles to the ADEX family came in 1954 when American entrepreneur Maurice Duchin purchased Salvador Dalí’s collection of six different tile designs. Duchin then contacted 2nd generation family member Miguel Piñón Guinot to lead the manufacture of these reproductions.

Each tile’s image has significant meaning found in the Dalí universe (The Sea Star – The Death, The Vegetal Sun – The Life, The Fire Kiss – The Love, The Guitars – The Music, The Pigeons – The Peace, and The Arrows – The War) with every tile including the signature of Dalí.

Every piece is 200 by 200mm, and 10mm thick, and for the sake of authenticity, the tiles are individually hand painted using a stencil and paintbrush. This extraordinary collection was an immediate success, leading to ADEX becoming one of the first Spanish tile companies to export to the USA, and with the ecompany finding fame amongst collectors.


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2 thoughts on “Dalí’s Timeless Tiles

  1. Intersting…Thanks

    Question…do the tiles need to be Duchin to be authentic?..I see some that are a few hundred from Germany and France that do not have the watermark on the back but seem to be made in spain

    1. Hi Lance,

      I cannot speak on the authenticity of the tiles you are talking about, but I do believe the original and authentic Dali tiles were produced at the El Siglo factory, marked with 1954 and Duchin on the back. I hope that helps!

      Kind regards,

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