Lyon Legacy

To give an extensive display of the materials and surface solutions they offer, Marazzi has taken full advantage of the space in their new showroom. Their new location boasts over 400 square metres in a fashionable area of Lyon and has been designed with a range of visitors in mind, from architects and interior designers, to average customers seeking inspiration.

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Extra-large stoneware slabs are given their own dedicated area of the showroom, as is the technical information on their collections and the materials they utilise. A range of setting are also displayed to show a variety of solutions offered. The space also includes an outdoor area containing a garden which enables the company to demonstrate their range of outdoor products.

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The company has a vested interest in Lyon, and France in general, and has been operating there for over forty years. Marazzi CEO Mauro Vandini explains that the French market has always been one of their most important and their decided investment in this new location is an affirmation of this.

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