Terrazzo Triumph

The BMW Welt in Munich has been given a frosty new lease of life from none other than Patricia Urquiola. In this large space which acts as showroom, museum, and venue, cutting edge 3D printing technology has created a terrazzo spectacle of the 3,466 square feet (322 square-metre) of flooring.


Designed by Urquiola, the colours, shape and style were inspired by the BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupe and the frozen lake it was presented on. The deep green features a multitude of shimmering accents in silvers and blues and the curved lines throughout evoke a feeling of movement, imitating the waves of the northern lights and the cracks of the frozen lake.


Created by Aectual, the shimmering terrazzo floor transforms in different lights which gives it a mystic and intriguing appeal. Using 3D printing, a bioplastic frame was created to shape the flooring, which was then filled with marble chips and a bio-binding agent. This innovative technique enables designs of all kinds, from geometric forms, to the organic shapes showcased at the BMW Welt.


By collaborating closely with BMW Group senior vice president of design Adrian van Hooydonk, Uriquola’s design reinvents the company’s product staging and creates atmosphere with experimental features which exude the luxury of the brand. The colours, shapes, and features are identifiably of-the-moment. It brings together interior design and the concept of the M8 Gran Coupe, which BMW states is set to present “a new and unique understanding of luxury” and to take “luxury out of its comfort zone”.


Patricia Urquiola

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