Changing Perspective

It’s all a matter of perspective for this 3D tile range from Italian design studio Viviana Degrandi. With the aim of connecting city architecture and individual perception of space, Perspective creates an opportunity to imagine the differences in experience through the use of relief, shape, and colour.

These unique wall coverings come in three distinctive shapes that skillfully utilise contrasting shades in specific sections of the tile to create multiple visible designs within one which can be viewed by changing one’s perspective. At one point the view is of a varied pattern of line and colour, and at another the display is homogenous in appearance.

Perspective tiles rondine 3d italian viviana degrandi

The three models Rondine (120mm by 104mm by 18mm), Riviera (210mm by 80mm by 18mm), and Reverso (300mm by 100mm by 18mm) each give their own unique form of movement. Endless perceptions of the design can be seen through moving from one area to another, viewing the tiles from different heights and angles.

Perspective tiles riviera 3d italian viviana degrandi
Perspective tiles reverso 3d italian viviana degrandi

Viviana Degrandi

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, May 2019

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