Rainbow Scallop Tile

Six rainbow tiles that will fill your home with PRIDE

Decorate your home in rainbows with this funky selection of colourful tiles.

1) Rainbow Stripes

These tiles from Otto Tiles & Design do exactly what they say on the tin. Stripes of yellow, red, green, blue, and indigo add playful decor whilst a soft creamy shade separates the colours to create a pop.

2) Raktion Mix Decor

A galaxy burst of technicolour decorates these hexagonal patchwork tiles from Codicer95. Wavy tones every colour swirl and dance to create a rainbow with a difference.

3) Ruby Rainbow

Geon Tile offer up a literal rainbow with their colourful Ruby tiles. The curving fan shape imitates the real deal whilst the varying thickness of coloured curves adds a stylised retro feel to the design.

4) Chocolate Factory

This unusual recycled plastic terrazzo style surface from Plasticiet makes use of discarded chocolate moulds to create the colourful flecks of rainbow confetti that decorate and delight.

5) Oaxaca

These dramatic geometric tiles from Jatana Interiors offer up alternative rainbow vibes. Curves of diamonds in purple, orange, green, and white create wild patterns for unusual spaces.

6) Fluid Multicolor

An artist’s palette transformed into stone is the best way to describe Apavisa‘s Fluid Multicolor tiles. Colours of all kinds swirl and mix, mingling together with delightful abandon.

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