Bacteria Builds bioLITH

The harsh reality of mass manufacturing is that, for the most part, it’s not particularly good for the planet. The production of building materials is no exception, yet with a large and growing population, individuals are going to continue to need housing. Looking for ways to produce these materials without polluting or taking too much from the environment is a giant step taken by bioMASON.

bioMASON grown building material natural bricks
bioMASON bricks

By growing rather than firing, bioMASON are pioneering the way for modern manufacturing. This is achieved by employing the most unlikely of individuals- bacteria. These bacteria replace the fossil fuels needed for firing as they “grow” a solid, resistant cement between pieces of aggregate. The minerals required for the process can be found in industrial waste streams but are also sourced renewably.

bioMASON grown building material natural bricks
bioMASON brick

The finished bioLITH tiles can be made with additional benefits, such as added insulation, and can also be customised to consumer specifications.

Click here to view Ginger Krieg Dosier’s TEDx Talk on growing bricks.


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