Huguet Apt collaboration terrazzo recucled construction waste

Terrazzo Teamwork

Terrazzo masters Huguet teamed up with architects Apt to boost their offerings and make use of waste materials from the construction industry such as brick, metal, and timber. The collaboration, unveiled at Clerkenwell 2019, was born out of a desire to experiment and produce something new. The use of waste materials means end results are often a surprise and it seems these latest creations far exceeded expectations.

Huguet Apt collaboration terrazzo recucled construction waste

Three types of terrazzo were produced by the companies, soft pastel colours offset by the mysterious embedded materials. For Apt it was a stroke of genius to choose to work with Huguet, operating since 1933, their extensive knowledge of the material sure helped push the boundaries of terrazzo and create a surface that sparks curiosity and calls out to be investigated up close.

Terrazzo Bench_Detail_╕AndresFraga

The collaboration continues with efforts to unpack every way their new terrazzo surface can be utilised- starting with a bench to showcase each of the three designs, but they are eager to demonstrate its use as a surface material, as kitchen worktops, and unique furniture pieces.

Huguet Apt collaboration terrazzo recucled construction waste

Despite Huguet’s extensive and exciting portfolio, the reused construction materials bring a whole new element to terrazzo. The metal screws and brackets embedded in the surface are especially fun, as the waste materials become “fossilised”.

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