Keep it Karoistanbul

Using their education and experience in design and craft, Karoistanbul have created an extensive portfolio showcasing their impressive product range. Creating encaustic cement-based tiles since 1990, they have produced copious amounts of flooring and wall coverings and also offer a restoration service.

Karoistanbul Restoration tile
Karoistanbul Restoration

In order to create tiles that have been lost to time, they take an original sample tile which is cleaned to fully reveal its intricacies. The designs are studied and copied whilst the raw materials are identified. Each individual element is carefully examined to ensure a faithful reproduction. Various attempts are made before the closest match is chosen for manufacturing. This process ensures the life of classical interiors, damaged flooring and details that could have faded away and been left unappreciated.

Gaudi Pink Tile from Karoistanbul
Gaudi Pink Tile from Karoistanbul


On top of their restoration projects Karoistanbul also offer their own range of handmade patterned tiles in varied styles, volumes, and dimensions. Produced in a traditional manner, their designs range from basic, classic patterns with subtle use of colour, to complex and intricate tiles. Designs displaying symbols, 3D shapes and Art Nouveau styles, as well as hexagonal and octagonal tiles also feature in the portfolio.

Terrazzo selection from Karoistanbul
Terrazzo selection from Karoistanbul
Art Nouveau Ceramics from Karoistanbul
Art Nouveau Ceramics from Karoistanbul

There is a lot this Turkish company can do to liven up an interior and provide much needed character, and their varied designs work in both traditional and modern settings.



A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, August 2019.

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