New Terracotta

This is a company we’ve been meaning to cover for a while now, a company with no need for trends and a love for simplicity.

Established in 2014, New Terracotta is a place of Portuguese passion. Located in Central Portugal, the New Terracotta artisans pride themselves on small-scale, high quality production that offers the best of traditional techniques and contemporary aesthetics.

For them, imperfection inherent in hand-crafted goods is something to strive for, demonstrating the intricate beauty to be found in flaws, marks, and unique details. As well as carrying collections from some of our favourite designers – Marianne Smink and Elisa Passino – New Terracotta offer an extraordianrily diverse range of simple coloured tiles in a range of shapes, as well as hand-painted tiles, modern 3D creations, relief tiles rich with Portuguese heritage, and of course, a lovely selection of terracotta.

Bespoke Chinoiserie in Pink

New Terracotta

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, May 2021.

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