Ceramic Pop Art

Retro-feel products, toys, and scenes grace the glazed earthenware tiles of Greg Hicho. These whimsical pop art creations are filled with life, nostalgic scenes hand sculpted and moulded, and finished in vibrant colours.

Greg Hicho ceramic retro tile art pop art
Beauty Parlor (4″x6″)
Greg Hicho ceramic retro tile art pop art
Drive in Movie (4″x6″)

Hicho’s ceramic art subjects range from the popular TV dinner, Fluffo Pancakes and messy kitchen, to Troll Dolls, Sea Monkeys, and gumball machines. This take on American culture gives consumers an opportunity to own a little piece of beautifully crafted history with character to spare.

hicho-tvdinner-3 5 8x5 1 8
Swanson Song (3 5/8″x5 1/8″)
Greg Hicho ceramic retro tile art pop art
Sea Monkeys (4″x6″)

An awesome alternative to a retro poster, and a modern take on Warhol’s Brillo boxes and Campbell’s soup cans, Hicho’s tiles draw on that legacy to produce something fun and aesthetic – a welcome addition to the ceramic (and art) world.

Chinese Takeout (4″x4″)
Greg Hicho ceramic retro tile art pop art
Troll Doll (4″x4″)

His works are for sale on his Etsy shop, with each individual tile being made to order. Although they work as a humourous addition to a tiled interior, depressions in the back enable them to be hung as individual art pieces.

Greg Hicho

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