Geometric Grouting

Last year we covered the exciting collection Cava designed by LucidiPevere for Living Ceramics – a concrete-effect range focused on highlighting the wonders of coloured grout through a series of surface incisions. And now this concept is expanding.

Cava Mosaic Living Ceramics LucidiPevere
Cava Mosaic Beige and Tierra de Siena
Cava Mosaic Living Ceramics LucidiPevere
Cava Black Mosaic. D + J. Jade Green

The new Cava Mosaic project takes the base idea of Cava – that grout is the key element when it comes to the tiles’ decor – and implements it in a new series of formats. Utilising the join between tiles enables a whole raft of decorative possibilities. With Cava it was with clear-cut straight lines, but with Cava Mosaic the decor is a little more experimental.

Cava Mosaic Living Ceramics LucidiPevere
Cava Mosaic Black
Cava Mosaic Beige

With mosaic sheets offering a different kind of installation method, the designers are free to play with larger gaps between the ceramic elements. The resulting mosaics make exceptional use of the small formats, and the final appearance upon installation with coloured grout produces something truly unique and captivating.

Cava Mosaic Living Ceramics LucidiPevere
Cava Brown Mosaic and Terracotta
Cava Brown Mosaic, Anthracite & Cava Green Mosaic and Beige

The five mosaic options each utilise triangular and diamond shapes, allowing their absence or presence to produce a variety of visual effects. Six colours make up the range (White, Grey, Beige, Brown, Green, and Black) and eighteen grout shades (from Terracotta to Space Blue) are recommended to complement the pieces.

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